Case Study

600m2 Low Energy Family Home

Service Required: Ventilation and Heat Recovery via 2 x NILAN CT300 and 1 x NILAN CT150

Location: Epsom, Surrey

NILAN working with Exedra Architects. Substantial Low Energy Home in Epsom, Surrey.

This house type is quite simply what our units do best. Over 1000m3/hr of Ventilation to a virtual air tight building with 250mm thick insulation to all walls. Only 16kW of Underfloor Heating is required over the basement, ground and first floor.

Due to the steelwork arrangement the house was split down the centre with a machine ventilating each side of the house to ground and first floors and a unit to service the basment alone.

NILAIR Ducting was used to allow easy access through floors and joists. All ducting strands post manifold are only 75mm outside diameter. The manifolds pictured are only 105mm deep and will be hidden forever behind a false wall in the dressing room. The CT300 Passivhaus Unit will then be sited in front of the false wall also shown (Not properly installed, just on test prior to closing of ceilings. We would NEVER use flexible PVC hose for anything else!)

On the ground floor certain rooms had no ceiling voids and so the ductwork was hidden below the insulation, under the UFH pipes and screed.

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